Our 35th year in business (wow, you get less for some crimes) is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with a Trade Night!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!

As part of our commitment to delivering "Premium Service & Value" we thought it would be best to bring all of our valued and respected customers together under one roof and celebrate all things building.

As you are all aware, our landscape is changing, and as such, so too are the rules and regulations we need to live, breathe and build by.

As a result, the demand for change in alternative building solutions, products and materials also changes, and we felt the need to bring you all together, not only to network, but also to meet, greet and ask any questions you may have to our purposely selected suppliers on the night.

The night will showcase product demonstrations, which means 2 CPD points (for all the professionals) will be offered for those that need them, to maintain their accreditation for the year.

If theres any further info you may have or want to RSVP, make it known by letting any of our staff know either in person or by calling us on 96661000