“Quality and service is long remembered after price is forgotten!”


 Is MBS cheaper than the opposition? Dearer? How do they compare?  

These are all questions you and every consumer ask themselves when buying goods. I ask these questions myself all the time when I buy something!

As a consumer we want the best deal for the best quality material/product all the time! Who doesn’t right???

 So what constitutes the best price/deal?

Well to answer this question we need to look at the overall offer. We need to ascertain as much information as possible to be able to make the correct choice. The most important questions to ask are:

  • How desperate am I on the delivery?
  • What is the quality of the material like?
  • Am I getting what I asked for?
  • How does the price compare?
  • What is the service like?

 The answers to these questions help make what can be a difficult and confusing decision easy. So let me throw in my 2 cents, excuse the pun.

How desperate am I on the delivery? Should have been here yesterday!!!

 If there isn’t any material on site with workers costing you on an hourly rate, then time is money. Saving a couple of dollars is negligible in the context of what you’re paying your workers to stand around. Whether that delivery comes from us or someone else, TIME IS MONEY!

 What is the quality of the material like? There are many different brands of cement and different locations where we can obtain certain sands.

When it comes to cement we only stock Boral/Bluecircle. Known for its quality and batch freshness it is the best cement on the market. Meeting and complying with all Australian standards it is the right cement for a perfect job every time.

Sands are sands right? Wrong!!!! Sands and their quality vary from quarry to quarry. As an example both our yellow and white brickies sand are sourced from PF formation in Maroota. Long considered to be one of the best quarries with excellent quality control and premium grade sand. There are in fact cheaper quarry’s where we could purchase our sand but we choose to buy the best. The best sand ensures you get the best quality job. (If needed we can provide quality certificates for all our sands).

Am I getting what I asked for? What was that sir????? 1 ton in a bulka bag? No worries, 1 ton it is!

You ask for a ton; you get a ton! You ask for 3 ton; and yep……..you guessed it; 3 ton it is! Unless you have a crane onsite or scales there is no way for you to quantify whether you are receiving what you asked for or being ripped off. MBS guarantees you get what you asked for every time all the time! Our loader operators set the scales and every time we scoop, we scoop the correct amount.

When your quoting on a meter rate and being ripped off 100kg here and 200kg there it is money out of your pocket! Let’s take the example of:

  • A renderer charges $30 per meter for a sponge finish external wall. Now on average 1 ton of Newcastle sand should do roughly 50 meters squared at 10mm thickness. So 50m2 x $30 per meter= $1,500. Now, if the same renderer only gets 900kg of Newcastle sand and working at $30 per meter (you see where this is going) that 100kg less might be enough to do 3-4 meters squared. That’s $120 out of his pocket!

So as you can see; cheapest isn’t always the best value!

 How does the price compare? Are you serious, that sounds expensive!! You will find that the difference from supplier to supplier will vary. The variation is usually a handful of dollars at most. Sometimes we will be cheaper than our competitors and sometimes we may be a little dearer. Over the duration of a job the variation in price would more than likely be minimal. I don’t know where my competitors buy their products and what they buy them for; I do know I keep my price as competitive as possible for all my customers.


What is the service like?  Service; ah good old fashioned service! I love speaking to my customers, really I do! I love to help you in any way I can. I know and understand that your business is my lively hood so offering you the best possible experience as a customer is my number one goal. I listen to your concerns and more importantly always try my best to satisfy or address any issues you may have. It’s supposed to be a mutually rewarding business relationship, at least that’s how I see it.

So that’s my 2 cents. I know it’s a long post, but sometimes the understanding is in the detail. 

Fernando de Sousa GM