The year that was 2016


Here we are once again, with Christmas only a few days away one wonders how quickly this “time” of year comes around as you get older. “Time” seems to fly by!

Why does “time” fly by? I don’t know the exact answer to this question and I suppose everyone’s individual circumstances would contribute to answering this question differently; however I think that with every passing year we take on a little more responsibility be it with the family, work or the stresses of living in Sydney making us more “time” poor. “Time” is precious and I know that I personally take it for granted sometimes and I’m sure you occasionally do to. It isn’t until “time” is no longer available that you appreciate its worth.

This year MBS lost a great long term friend. This person’s infectious cheerful personality is sadly missed and we grieve his loss. We will never hear his “G’day, G’day” greeting ever again. Unfortunately it isn’t until someone passes that we remind ourselves of what is really important in life…..”TIME”.

From the moment we are born we are given a limited amount of “time” on this amazing planet and every day that passes is one day closer to our expiry date. “Time” is precious and one needs to manage it properly when it comes to family, friends, work and everyday life. Without “time” we cannot enjoy and appreciate the things we take for granted.

2016 will forever be an unforgettable year for my Mrs and I as we welcomed our first child into the world. The moment the doctor placed her in our arms our world changed forever. She is the centre of our universe and we give her all the “time” we can, it fly’s by so quickly.

33 years ago MBS was just a small hardware shop in Maroubra but over “time” has evolved into a one stop shop for masonry trades in Matraville with the ability to lift materials 17 meters on site with our “HULK” crane truck. As “time” has passed we have grown and it’s all thanks to you! Our loyal customers are the reason we are here and we thank you for your support. Wow……it’s been 33 years! THANK YOU!

This Christmas I ask that you take some “time” to talk and laugh with your family and friends. Appreciate their time as it fly’s by so quickly.

MBS wishes everyone a safe, happy and wonderful Christmas and all the best in the coming year.


Fernando de Sousa

General Manager