“Every man’s home is his castle”!


In the movie “The Castle” the great Australian dream is all about owning your own home. A place we can call our own, a place where we can enjoy time with our families and grow.

There are many reasons for which owning your own home is appealing but the biggest is the fact that you have something that is yours. Owning a home means that you have invested in yourself and your future! It’s not someone else’s place that you’re paying off, we all know that “rent money is dead money!”

It’s an investment that continues to grow over time…..bought it for a million today and sold it for 2 million 5 years later. Obviously that is overly exaggerated but you get the picture, property is a sound investment or at least it has been in Australia. 


In my opinion owning a property does not mean you own a “home”…….my belief is we buy a property and over time we turn it into a “home”. A “home” is a sanctuary, a place where we are the ruler and king and no man can come and dictate his terms and if someone enters my house they do it under my rules. It is where families grow together, a place where memories are created and a place where we can hide from the world.


My partner and I have just moved into our house. It is not yet a “home” but a great starting place for our vision of what a “home” should be. It will be where my partner and i start a family and where memories will etch themselves forever, a place where we will remember moments of our lives that make us smile, bring a tear to our eye and we will for ever hold an emotional attachment.


I have started the process of renovating my house with the ultimate goal of turning it into a “home”. The renovation will include knocking down walls, new bathroom, new kitchen and cleaning up bits and pieces. I’m fortunate to work at MBS and as a result I can source most of the materials I need for my renovation quickly and easily.


MBS is no longer simply a “sand and cement yard”, but a comprehensive and handy masonry one stop shop! Whether it’s a tiling, concreting, bricklaying or rendering job; MBS has the right materials at the right price to help you turn your house into “the great Australian dream”!


 “A house is a house until it becomes a home”!


Fernando de Sousa