“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” 
― Albert Einstein


As Australians we love the underdog…..who doesn’t love a great success story??? Maybe that’s why “reality TV” has become the highest rating TV occupying the “prime time” hours??? Regardless we love it and it is here to stay!

Reality TV is great when it touches our emotions and inspires us, but why do we love watching it????....... Is it because we imagine ourselves in their shoes and how we would deal with different situations and scenarios? Is it because human nature is to be curious? Whatever the reason we love them and that’s why the major TV channels spend millions making these shows a success.

Reality TV has no boundaries with everything from modelling, singing, dancing, cooking, weight loss, marriage, wife swapping, house wife’s, renovating and building becoming fair game for prime time TV ratings. These shows are highly successful but where is the “value” in what we are watching?? What can and are we learning from these shows? The take home message can sometimes be a little misleading and unrealistic.

The shows I find the worst and most misleading are the renovating and building shows. They are laden with inappropriate practice and the lack of “value” in what we watch is massive. The lack of “value” comes with another and often neglected downside. THEY ARE UNREALISTIC!! It is unrealistic to demolish, rough in, render, screed, waterproof (2coats), tile and fitout a bathroom in 5 days. It’s unrealistic because things have and require a due process. Things need to dry, cure etc before application….but its TV and we don’t see what the job looks like 6 months later. There is no “value” in watching things being done incorrectly!


MBS has the privilege of supplying some of Sydney’s best tradies. Some of whom have been loyal customers for over 10, 20 and 30years, who have worked onsite building a wealth of knowledge through hard work and experience. Then reality TV comes along broadcasting a bunch of inexperienced people that are “want to be builders” pushed by stupid unrealistic deadlines and managed by people who should know better………. and everyone thinks it’s easy to be a tradie. It’s easy to build a home and anyone can do it. NO THEY CAN’T!!!

These shows under value a tradesman’s worth. All the years of going to TAFE, blood, sweat and tears shed in the elements learning and mastering a trade to one day call yourself a “tradesman” and be successful in your field only to have your “value” thrown in your face by some reality TV show that glorifies things done incorrectly and on the “cheap” by inexperienced people. I can’t think of a worse show……and people love it. People think this is how it works in the real world and the reality is the opposite. A quality job done by a licensed tradie takes experienced hands, time, comes with warranty/insurance providing you with peace of mind and costing you less long term.

These reality TV shows may be successful but they undervalue real tradie’s who have worked so hard to be successful and provide the “value” for money people pay for, guaranteeing every job with their reputation and lively hood on the line! 

Fernando de Sousa GM