Stop, start……stop:


How can you get anywhere in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney in a hurry?

Well the truth is you can’t! There are no more secret short cuts! No more under populated areas, just over populated suburbs with what seems an endless supply of units being built to further congest what is already a heavily congested area.

The traffic congestion in the Eastern suburbs has steadily been growing year on year similar to that of the waste line of a fat house cat that is pampered and fed to the point of being immobile only to make you wonder how fat the cat can actually get before it rolls over and can’t move at all…..ok that’s probably an exaggeration but you get my drift.


Matraville to Vaucluse is a driving commute of approximately 15kms yet it can take 25 minutes to 1 hour depending on the time of day and time of year! That’s right up to 1 hour!

One hour is far too long and there’s definitely an issue when I can ride my push bike to Vaucluse from Maroubra faster than I can drive in peak hour traffic and believe me I’m no Lance Armstrong!

It wasn’t always the case and I remember the days as a young fella when mum would drive me to my soccer games with no traffic at all…..what the hell happened?    


I’ll tell you what happened………”the powers that be” who are obviously rocket scientists and responsible for our town planning stuffed up! They didn’t prepare/plan for the future and as a result have failed to deliver suitable transport/traffic solutions and now the tax payer is paying for a light rail network that is already obsolete before it’s even finished. This all sounds too familiar….that’s right M5 all over again. People living in suburbs south of Kingsford and Randwick are left wondering why the hell the network wasn’t extended to Maroubra and possibly even Little Bay; why?  

Anyway……The bloke that designed the Harbour Bridge in the 1920’s was a “thinker”, he had the foresight to plan for the future and unfortunately the same foresight isn’t shared by the people planning our cities today!

So right about now you have just realized that I sell sand and cement and are thinking; WTF?

Well it’s simple; MBS battles this congestion every day yet we still manage to deliver! Yes sometimes we can be a little late but we still find a way to make it happen, your satisfaction and what I consider to be a mutually rewarding business relationship drives us to ensure we don’t let you down. We battle the traffic and try our best to deliver when promised!


“Delivering premium service” even when traffic comes to a standstill…..yes I should be a town planner J

Fernando de Sousa GM