Delivery Options

    The trickiest part of starting (and completing) any job is the logistics behind getting material on site and on time. Thankfully, our modern fleet of vehicles means you’re not pulling your hair out wondering if, and when you will be getting your materials. All you need to worry about is where to place it, making it more convenient for your site, saving on labour costs and time.

    Available for delivery or truck hire, check out your options below and give us a call to discuss further.


    MBS 3 Tonne Truck

    3 Tonne Tipper

    One of the most popular trucks in the fleet, our smallest crane truck makes light work of those smaller sitesCapable of carrying a maximum of 3 tonne payload or 2 palletised products.

    Height: 2.2m     Width 1.8m     Tray Lenght: 3.08m     Overall Lenght 4.8m     Tipping Height: 4.3m     Payload: 3 Tonne


    MBS 5 Tonne Truck

    5 Tonne Tipper

    Our second tipper in our fleet, the 5 Tonne tipper can carry up to a maximum payload of 5 tonnes, or 3 palletised products. Suitable for those larger loads that require loose tipping, or even suitable for carrying full sheets of concreting mesh.

    Height: 2.4m     Width 2.3m     Tray Lenght: 3.4m     Overall Lenght 5.9m     Tipping Height: 4.6m     Payload: 5 Tonne


    MBS 5 Tonne Crane Truck

    5 Tonne Tipper & Crane

    One of the most popular trucks in the fleet, our smallest crane truck makes light work of those smaller sites. Capable of carrying a maximum of 5 tonne payload or 3 palletised products, its rear cabin crane can reach and move 1 tonne at 3.5m with a quick turn-around time on site making your deliveries faster and more efficient. The added ability of a tipper makes this the most versatile vehicle in the fleet.

    Height: 2.9m     Width 2.3m     Tray Lenght: 3.4m     Overall Lenght 6.2m     Payload: 5 Tonne     Crane: 3.5m @ 1 Tonne


    MBS 5 Tonne Crane Truck

    5.5m Rear Crane - ANTMAN

    One of the newest members to the fleet, “ANTMAN” can carry a maximum payload of 7 tonnes or 6 palletised products. Its rear mounted crane can reach and move 1 tonne at 5.5m. Being our smallest rear mounted flatbed crane truck, it has the capacity to deliver those bulkier loads on to site where access is still a premium.

    Height: 2.9m     Width 2.4m     Tray Lenght: 4m     Overall Lenght 7.4m     Payload: 7 Tonne     Crane: 5.5m @ 1 Tonne


    8m Rear Crane - Groot

    8m Rear Crane - GROOT

    Our 8m rear crane is our mid-sized rear mounted crane, but don’t let that fool you. “GROOT” carries a whopping 12.2 tonne on his tray and has the added option of towing a trailer with an additional capacity of 13.7 tonne, making his combined payload 25.9 tonne. He’s also fitted with a 1 Tonne @ 8m crane, making moving and placing material to the first floor a breeze.

    Truck: Height: 2.9m     Width 2.4m     Tray Lenght: 4m     Overall Lenght 7.4m     Payload: 12.2 Tonne     Crane: 8m @ 1 Tonne

    Trailer: Height: 2.9m     Width 2.4m     Tray Lenght: 5.9m     Overall Lenght 8.5m     Payload: 13.7 Tonne     Total Overall Length: 17m


    MBS 5 Tonne Crane Truck

    17m Rear Crane - HULK

    Our famous “HULK” is our 17m solution to most of your problems. His 17m crane reach makes him our most sought-after delivery vehicle, not only for his reach, but also for his 12.7 tonne payload. Capable of moving, lifting and placing all materials on site (from bricks to blocks, sand, cement, mesh and bar) he’s able to get most out of trouble. Available for crane/transport hire as well as material delivery, call us to find out more info.

    Height: 3.5m     Width 2.4m     Tray Lenght: 6.5m     Overall Lenght 10.3m     Payload: 12.7 Tonne     Crane: 17m @ 1 Tonne


    MBS Rear Crane Truck

    12.5 Tonne Bogey

    Our 12.5 tonne bogey is great for those jobs that need bulk material loosely tipped, saving time and money. We can transport sand or aggregate that may be needed on your site for filling or drainage purposes.




    19 Tonne Bogey

    Our new 19 tonne bogey is great for those jobs that need bulk material loosely tipped, saving time and money. We can transport sand, aggregate, pebbles, mulch, topsoils and turf underay that may be needed on your site from the begining to the end of your project.

    MBS Bulk Truck

    Truck & Dog 

    Our 12.5T bogey coupled with our 26.5T quad dog trailer is ready for NHVR transport and delivery work. Whether its carting material to our yard or providing quarry and earthmoving work, you can rest assured you will be receiving maximum payload for your delivery.