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Site Expansion Coming May 2024


We’re thrilled to announce the expansion of our current site, which is set to bring about a host of benefits. With this expansion, we’re increasing our bulk product offering ensuring that we can meet your needs even more efficiently and effectively. Additionally, the expansion will improve traffic flow within our site, making it easier for you to navigate. And last but certainly not least, the expansion will provide more parking spaces, ensuring that you can always find a convenient spot when visiting us. We’re committed to continuously improving our operations to better serve you, and we’re excited about the positive impact this expansion will have on your experience with us.

Products coming in May 2024

  • Planter Mix B (Bottom)
  • Bedding Sand
  • ACI Dry Sand:¬† Kiln Dried Sand
  • Recycled Aggregate 40-70mm
  • Gabion Rock¬† 75-150mm
  • Euchi Mulch
  • Soil Conditioner
  • River Pebble 40mm
  • Crushed White Quartz
  • More to come…