Soils Ain’t Soils
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Soils Ain’t Soils

Our team  has been hard at work, sourcing and curating the finest soil blends. We believe that the right soil can make all the difference.

Here’s what sets us apart:

🌿 Diverse Soil Selection: Explore our wide range of soil options, from nutrient-rich organic compost to specialized mixes for various plants. We’ve got the perfect match for every  use.

🍃 Sustainability Matters: We care about the environment. Our soils are sourced sustainably and produced with minimal impact on the planet. Feel good about your footprint!

🌞 Boosted Growth: Experience the difference premium soil makes. Watch your plants thrive, with lush foliage and bountiful harvests.

Product Range:

    • NEW! Native Garden Mix:  
      Benedict Native Garden Mix soil, offers excellent drainage, acidic pH and low phosphorous levels. The sandstone rock has been blended through as a part of the soil design which will breakdown over time and is fundamental in the growth of native plants.


    • Organic Garden Mix 
      Organic Garden Mix is a specialised garden soil containing coarse sand, graded ash, coco peat and composted organics. It can be used for a wide range of purposes including potting up of plants.


    • Planter Box Mix 
      A blend of soil, graded ash, coarse sand, Nepean sand, composted sawdust, Botany Humus Mix and Composted Pine Bark. Suitable for planter box and rooftop application.  It also helps prevent plant disease, speeding up root development with all plant, vegetable, and fruit species.


    • Turf Top Dress
      Nutrient rich, our top dress provides adequate nutrition for approximately six months. Containing organic matter, it also helps to absorb moisture in both the morning and evening periods, providing grass areas with essential moisture for optimal growth.